Dawn Eagle Woman


Dawn Eagle Woman is a profound healer and facilitator. Guided by the feminine creative spirit, she draws on her own deep spiritual experience and a vast array of knowledge, ranging from the Arts to Psychoanalytic Theory, Spiritual Psychology, Shamanic Healing and Divination.  

Dawn studied Jungian psychology and religion for many years and holds an AA, BFA, and MFA in Fine Arts, and in 1997 received her Doctor of Divinity.  She has been a dance instructor and taught sculpture at the University of Wyoming.  Since 1994 she devotes all her time to healing.

 Dawn's hands were activated by a near-death experience at the age of 25, and her path as a healer has taken her through many levels of refinement.  She was given the name Dawn Eagle Woman, Ahnpo Wambli Win, in 1982, by a Medicine Man, Tate Wakapa Wambli.  In 1994 she was honored by the Hopi Princess and given the name Kwaahu Wiwti, White Eagle. 

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To contact Dawn directly: dew@dawneaglewoman.com