"I am a 61 year old businessman from Boston. My wife has worked with Dawn for years and I have met with Dawn a few times over the years but until recently never really been a true believer. I know Dawn will only take you where you are willing to go and I guess I never really wanted to go very far. 18 months ago we spent a few days with Dawn in Wyoming. I knew I was not happy with the amount of alcohol I was drinking at that time. I have not had a drink since then and really have no desire to drink alcohol now. When Dawn came to the Boston area last year I met with her for a 3 hour session. She suggested a simple technique that I now employ daily. About 3 weeks after I saw her I had a deeply prophetic and enlightening dream that I will always remember, that changed the way I look at life. Since then my life has been improving in the direction that I have been seeking. Recently my life has changed dramatically for the better. I feel like a weight that I have carried for the last 25 years and probably my whole life has been lifted. My dreams are coming true. I thank Dawn literally every day from my heart for helping me. I can’t really explain it but she has changed my life. I look forward to seeing her again on her next visit and will continue to take steps to let her help me. I have always known that she is powerful but now I am accepting her help."
-- Rob Roy Quinzani, Duxbury, MA

Testimonial For Talking (Seeing) Stick:
"I would like to share my experience in purchasing one of Dawn’s talking sticks. As many of you know, sticks “call to you”. In my experience, a talking stick created by Dawn calls to your intentions or to the level of awareness that you seek. When I saw the talking stick that I recently acquired, it spoke to me on an intuitive level. It was as if friends or allies had recognized each other and had agreed on a mutual alliance. At this point in my growth and awareness, I was seeking to experience a deeper awareness of the divine and all that that encompassed. I did not know what form that would take or in what way it would manifest. The arrival of the talking stick from Dawn triggered several synchronous events. The first being that I met a man with whom I have a profound soul connection with. It was a chance meeting, out of the blue and unexpected. But of course there are no accidents. I dare say it was just about love at first sight and within a month he said to me “your soul resonates with mine.” The energy that we create together in another’s presence feels like a joint soul mission. Where it will take us I cannot say but I can say that it was the connection that I’ve always yearned for but doubted it’s existence. A true blessing and I am grateful. The stick and I meditate together. It has also assisted me and accompanied me in my meditations and journeys. Together with my stick, I have found a sense of purpose and understanding of my journey in this incarnation as well as a sense of peace. The arrival of my talking stick pulled the pieces of my spiritual life together in a way that is hard to describe but I am grateful that we chose each other. If a talking stick happens to resonate with you, trust your inner knowing and I can attest that miracles that happen."
--Karmyn Vaughn