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   March 2019  -- UK

Private sessions with Dawn at Bruton, Somerset
March 11th to March 21st  -- 10 am | 2 pm | 6 pm (appointment times)

March 24th to March 31st  -- 10 am | 2 pm | 6 pm (appointment times)
up to 3 hours long | £250
Dawn Eagle’s Private Sessions are eclectic and alchemical, generally lasting up to 3 hours, during which the individual experiences deep shifts in body-mind and consciousness.
She weaves a peculiar magic which is unmistakable and cathartic.

Wisdom Circle Constellations -- with Gaye Donaldson

​Friday 22nd – Saturday 23rd March 2019
10 am to 5:30 pm | £290
Location: Bristol

The constellating approach is a simple yet profound method that can be used to
shed new light on the areas of unhappiness and distress in our lives. Working in a
safe and nurturing environment, a constellation reveals a fuller story of unspoken
dynamics in our family, friendships, community or professional life. Together they
weave together a unique experience of Gaye’s systemic constellation work and
Dawn Eagle’s particular magic, which is distinctive and profound.
Constellation work addresses a wide range of issues including:
• Fractured and difficult relationships between couples and family members
• Relational and professional problems at work
• Chronic illness, addictions, depression, lack of motivation
• Bereavement, loss, suicidal tendencies
• Adoption, abortion, illegitimacy, incest, rape
• Ancestral issues, family secrets, ruptures, divorce, violence
• Life changes and choices, assessing strategies and solutions
• Finding and feeling our own resources and strength​

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