My loving husband
Brian White, Luthier, Musician, and Radical Eclecticist has been making beautiful electric guitars...  See them at

My granddaughter Tess Dooley makes beautiful Celtic artwork... Check her out at or see some of her prints for sale on my website

Our good friend Charlotte Macpherson, photographer extraodinaire.  She's contributed many photographs to us personally, and for our website.  Thanks Charlotte!

Gaye Donaldson -- Here's a link to her website for her Constellations Workshops, and trainings.  She does great work, and I love our work together.
Carolyn Ford weaves magic into her Human Design Consultations. Human Design is liked getting the Owner's Manual for your life. Carolyn and I have worked together for years.
Julie Tucek is a dear friend.  She teaches Energy Medicine, is a massage therapist, and her Watsu treatments are a little bit of Heaven!
Patricia Ramaer is a friend, an Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, and my organizer for The Netherlands.

Christopher Beaver, a long-time friend and colleague, provides intuitive and homeopathic services...  he is my homeopath.  Christopher is available for sessions at 970-728-5088 or email him at 

Heidi White is a lovely friend and artist, whose work now hangs in my home, and uplifts me. 

Sarah Varcas, a wonderful, intuitive astrologer... 

Marcia Wade -- Star Sister Astrology 

Heather Begun is a third-generation psychic and an accomplished healer.


Friends and other Good Stuff